The following is a miscellany of information related to luminescence dating.  We welcome contributions from others regarding experimental procedures that are useful in the laboratory, but not 'publishable'.  We hope eventually to have somewhat of a 'cookbook' (yes, we know the very concept is anathema to you all!) that will help those just starting out.  All contributions will be fully credited.  We also welcome suggestions for links to useful information.

How to choose a TL/OSL system                                                             (PDF version)
Daybreak command language                                                                   (PDF version)
A sample preparation method for sediments (after Forman and Wintle)      (PDF version)
Apparatus needed for sample prep                                                            (PDF version)

(in preparation)
Fine grain sample preparation for pottery (after Zimmerman)
An alpha counting primer
Beta source calibration (apologies to Ed Haskell)
Typical laboratory layout
Laboratory lighting requirements

(in preparation)