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Welcome to the download site of
Daybreak Nuclear & Medical Systems


General information

You may download from this page the latest software for use with Daybreak TL/OSL systems, and for data reduction and analysis. The TLApplic software has no demo version and is only usable by current licensees. The Windows FirstLight program demos are fully functional for 30 days, and thereafter require a license.

Note. Some programs may require a valid license and a special password/file to be fully functional. 


New versions of

FirstLight software
 (go to Info page)

  FirstLight Editor 1.03.26
  Exe file only

  FirstLight Console 3.02.20
  Exe file only

TLApplic software
 (go to Info page)

 Download 1st disk with TLApplic 4.30.42

 Download 1st disk with TLApplic 4.42.10

 Download common 2nd disk

 --usable by current licensees only


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 Last updated: 25 June 2006

For the TLApplic key file (current licensees only) e-mail: