about the Daybreak companies...

Daybreak Nuclear and Medical Systems, Inc., is a small, privately held corporation founded in 1977 to manufacture thermoluminescence (TL) dating instruments and to perform TL authenticity dating for the art community.  We are the world's leading manufacturer of systems for TL dating in geology and archaeology with more than 100 systems installed worldwide.  Daybreak makes available a wide range of automated and conventional TL systems and accessories, and has developed outstanding applications software for TL.  We also produce single sample and automated OSL (optically  stimulated luminescence) reader systems and nuclear counters.

Another side of Daybreak's TL activities includes authenticity testing of art objects. In 1994, a second company, the Bortolot Daybreak Corporation, was organized to separate Daybreak's TL authenticity dating services from its scientific instrument manufacturing.  We are the only commercial TL authenticity service in the Americas, and have the distinct advantage of continually updated state-of-the-art equipment.  All dating studies are done by our technical director, Victor J. Bortolot, Ph.D., who has been working in this field since 1971.  Authenticity studies are made with careful attention to technique, yet quickly enough to assist curators, dealers, and collectors with their decisions.  We endeavor to have dating results available within three weeks of obtaining samples, and rush service is available at a premium.  Daybreak has trained conservators available for taking samples in many cities, and Dr. Bortolot is available by appointment for sampling in New York City, Guilford, CT, and elsewhere by special arrangement.  This authenticity dating service is completely confidential, so it is not possible to name our clients (and results are never made available except by the express permission of the client commissioning the study).  Certain public institutions, mostly museums, use our services, and where the results are on public record, they may be mentioned.  Some of these are listed below.

Metropolitan Museum, New York
New Orleans Museum of Art
Detroit Institute of Art
Yale Art Gallery, New Haven
Houston Museum of Fine Arts
Brooklyn Museum
Dallas Museum of Art
St. Louis Art Museum
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Virginia Art Museum, Richmond
National Gallery, Washington
Hirshhorn Museum, Washington
Freer Gallery, Washington
Cleveland Art Museum
Indianapolis Museum
Cinncinati Art Museum
J. Paul Getty Museum
Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City
 At the beginning of 2004,  our dating services client list numbered over 1000.